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Plants are trending, we now... and they add so much to the vibe of a space! But when you embellish interior spaces with houseplants, you’re not just adding greenery. These living organisms interact with your body, mind and home in ways that can enhance your quality of life. For starters, they help to improve the quality of indoor air, and studies have also shown that being around plants improves concentration, memory and productivity.

So bring some of this green goodness into your living space with our plant products. As a self-contained ecosystem, our handcrafted terrariums are particularly ideal for plant-novices, requiring minimal maintenance and care. Simply place them close to a window, water sparingly, and watch them flourish in your living space.


Plants are our passion

We are Prajwal and Poornima, a husband and wife team with a passion for gardening - we love getting our hands dirty and making things grow!  We have our own sunny balcony in Mangalore and a wonderful team of equally enthusiastic expert gardeners. We have a rich lineup of plant products including planters, terrariums and succulent wall kits. We also offer numerous services and workshops to help you develop your own green thumb!!

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❤The SECRETS are in the PLANTS. ❤To ELICIT them you have to LOVE them❤

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We can make anything grow and flourish!

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We always love to hear from our customers and help you bring more green into your life! Maybe your plants and garden need some expert TLC, or you're interested in joining one of our workshops so you can build your own terrariums and planters... at any rate do feel free to reach out to us with any questions, suggestions and comments! 

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