How to Water your Succulent

Succulent plants are accustomed to desert environments and dry conditions. In order to simulate their natural environment, it is best that these plants are watered with larger amounts of water in brief periods of time. Watering should not be too frequent and should not be given in large amounts.

Generally, watering your succulent once a week is considered optimal. Seasons affect succulents and during the winter months, succulents go through dormant periods. During these times they do not need to be watered once a week but more once every 2 to 3 weeks instead.

A big miss when watering succulents is when you don’t think your succulent has enough water because its soil is dry. The dried out soil is not a good indicator of the plant’s water needs compared to the actual look of the succulent.

The environment is also an important factor to consider when watering your succulent. The best kind of soil you can plant a succulent to water it effectively is one that drains fairly quickly. Also, the succulent pot itself plays a crucial role in watering. The pot should accommodate proper drainage and should have some sort of hot or holes name the bottom to ensure that the moisture is not trapped.

Watering is extremely important when it comes to maintaining your plant. Succulents do not require excessive care but it is important that water levels are well balanced to ensure the longevity of your plant.